Shrimp Bubble Water Change Kit

A once per month regular minute water change (3-4 oz) will increase the chances of your ecosystem's long term success, especially if you are also feeding your shrimp. The Shrimp Bubble Water Change Kit makes water changes easy and precise. The kit includes a pipette to siphon out the debris, a 4 oz measuring cup, a small plastic funnel to make the water change even easier, and 8 oz Opae Ula Water Mix (enriched with microorganisms). Just introduce the pipette tip inside the Shrimp Bubble and pump out no more that 3-4 oz of brackish water and replenish with new Opae Ula Water Mix provided with the kit. That's it! You're done!

Note: You can buy additional Opae Ula Water Mix pouches for your Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem water change after using the one that comes with the water change kit.

Warning: Do Not use freshwater for the Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem water changes. Opae Ula (Halocaridina rubra) is a marine/brackish water shrimp species, and it will die if placed in freshwater. 

Shipping: Priority - $6.99

Customer Reviews

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Love my shrimpies

Water changes are definitely needed to keep the water clear and shrimp healthy. They produce a lot of waste, even if you only feed them once a month. When they stopped growing (molting) and the vegetation started to die back after 6 months of the same water, I decided I need to order some water. I have two snails and 4 shrimp that are very happy now that I have gradually started changing the water.

Items arrived quickly and were neatly packaged.

I added the water to some opae-ula I had purchased at the Aloha Festival and wanted to ensure they had a happy home. After reading through the website and through the reviews, I decided to try it out. The shrimp are doing well and were eager to jump onto the algae ball.

Worked great

No complaints, just allowed for an easy straightforward water change.

Easy to use and good for the shrimp

This kit is easy to use.(It should include a little card to remind user to change only 3-4 ounces once a month. I had to check the site for how much water to change.) The shrimp were very active after the water change. I think they liked it! 🙂 So far, all 4 shrimp are doing well. Hopefully, water changes will help them to live a long time.

Thank you very much!!!

I really appreciate the way my order came. It was well packed, delivered fast, and my 4 new friends are fat, happy and strong. They are now making company to my old single friend.
Long story short, my husband’s ecosystem got accidentally broken by my baby, I managed to rescue two shrimps alive, got brackish water from our old Florida lake, and made a new home for the survivors, that lasted a year. But unfortunately one passed alway a month a go, duo to our out of state moving and the climate change... so, my friend was alone and sad, I needed to get him/her company.
I researched and found that your store had the small numbers of Opae Ula for sale, I was looking for, plus you sold all the additional items like food and extra water and so. I wish you sold snails too. But I hope you’ll offer it in the near future. ;) Thank you so much!!

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