Opae Ula Water Mix

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Opae Ula Water Mix; brackish water enriched with microorganisms for your Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem water change. A once per month regular minute water change (3-4 oz) will increase the chances of your ecosystem's long term success, especially if you are also feeding your shrimp. Two 8 oz (16 oz) Opae Ula Water MIx pouches, enough for at least 4 water changes.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Shields
Great Product

I’ve had my shrimp for more than 4 years. I follow the instructions and change 1/4 of their water every quarter and give them a little bit of food. They seem to be thriving. How long do they live?

Grace Pavlovsky
Great low maintenance cool pet

Love these little eco systems, great directions, everything went great with getting them set up and we have happy lil shrimps

Meghan W.
Opae Ula Water Mix

I always purchase the water mix from Shrimp Bubble to ensure it’s safe for my shrimp. It’s easy to order the two bags since I already have everything else to perform a water change. My eco system has been going strong since I received it in 2017 as a Christmas gift. My two remaining shrimp are almost 6 years old! Thank you Shrimp Bubble.

Shannon Baynum
Best Company Ever!

I emailed shrimp bubble and within 24hrs I received a response and my question was answered and issue resolved. I have been a customer for nearly 8 months and will continue because of their great customer service team. Thanks for everything!

Shrimp love it!

This is my second order of water. My shrimp absolutely love it and are thriving.