About Us

Since 2014 we’ve been striving to create products that bring the natural world closer to people for them to enjoy and understand the intricate connections in nature, while promoting its conservation. 

Shrimp Bubble is a small business located in Seattle, Washington. We are very passionate about the natural realm in general, with an great interest in aquatic life in particular. Our past experience ranges from working in aquatic retail, wholesale, operating fish hatcheries, both fresh water and marine, and almost everything in between. However, one of the most influential periods was designing, installing and maintaining 100% naturally composed aquariums representing different ecosystems and habitats form around the world for commercial enterprises. Attracted and intrigued by the beauty of these kind of aquariums many people asked us if we can design a natural, yet very small ecosystem for them to keep on their desktop. This is how the Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem came into existence.

We create some of the smallest, yet well-functioning self-sustaining ecosystems one can own. The lack of extensive maintenance makes it one of the easiest ecosystems to keep for an extended period of time. The beauty of the Shrimp Bubble resides in its natural balance. To be able to keep such a small ecosystem is nothing short of a wonder.