Shrimp Bubble Water Change Kit

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A once per month regular minute water change (3-4 oz) will increase the chances of your ecosystem's long term success, especially if you are also feeding your shrimp. The Shrimp Bubble Water Change Kit makes water changes easy and precise. The kit includes a pipette to siphon out the debris, a 4 oz measuring cup, a small plastic funnel to make the water change even easier, and 8 oz Opae Ula Water Mix (enriched with microorganisms). Just introduce the pipette tip inside the Shrimp Bubble and pump out no more that 3-4 oz of brackish water and replenish with new Opae Ula Water Mix provided with the kit. That's it! You're done!

Note: You can buy additional Opae Ula Water Mix pouches for your Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem water change after using the one that comes with the water change kit.

Warning: Do Not use freshwater for the Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem water changes. Opae Ula (Halocaridina rubra) is a marine/brackish water shrimp species, and it will die if placed in freshwater. 

Customer Reviews

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Janice Redden
Great Kit

This is a really nice water change kit. It’s very easy to remove old water and install new water. I added some new algae when changing the water and my shrimp and super happy!

Lance Widener
Love it

The kit was so easy to understand. All instructions were easily understood. All my shrimp arrived alive and well. They are now thriving in their little home.

Grace Pavlovsky
I set it up for Xmas gift a few weeks ago and the shrimp are doing great

Definitely like the shrimp eco system
, instructions and information
That came with it

Nicole Baldridge
Still going strong

I’ve had my shrimp for over 6 years and I noticed the water getting lower so I ordered more and my little dudes are super happy now that their bubble is fuller.

So far so good

We purchased the water kit after reading about its support in the extension of life In the sphere. In the second week, the sphere needed additional water. So far, our shrimp are thriving and an exciting part of my day watching them work away. They are all red, varies sizes and doing well.