Opae Ula Water Mix

Opae Ula Water Mix; brackish water enriched with microorganisms for your Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem water change. A once per month regular minute water change (3-4 oz) will increase the chances of your ecosystem's long term success, especially if you are also feeding your shrimp. Two 8 oz (16 oz) Opae Ula Water MIx pouches, enough for at least 4 water changes.

Shipping: Priority - $4.99

Customer Reviews

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Always perfect

We have had our shrimp for a couple of years now, and giving them a partial water change every few months makes us feel like we are giving them the best environment we can. The fact that we can order the water directly, knowing it has the right balance, makes all the difference. This company has great customer service and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Much needed!

My Shrimp Bubble needed a boost of fresh water & new algae, plus I added shrimp food. I have my shrimp quite some time but now they are vibrant orange again... & happy! Thank you

Refreshing for the shrimp

I purchased the water changing kit and extra water. It's very easy to change the water- just 3-4 ounces- not all of it! The shrimp were very active when I put in the new water. They seemed to enjoy it. All 4 shrimp are thriving.

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