Power Algae Scrubber Kit

$ 7.99

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Powerful algae scrubber magnet kit.

- Powerful. Scrubs algae well.

- Interior magnet encased in plastic.

- Will never rust.  

Kit includes the exterior handling magnet -choose your color.

Customer Reviews

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I got it

I got what I ordered. Since I only have fed them once I can not say much. A $50 purchase every 3 -5 years is fine for the hassle free shrimps. I hope to have them many more years.

Channing Olbers
I can see clearly now

I'm completely impressed with the Power Algae Scrubber Kit - the magnet it so powerful, it cuts through any algae with ease, and helps to move things in the bubble quite easily!

Not What I Expected

This "Power Algae Scrubber Kit" was the same little thing that came with the Shrimp Bubble, exactly! So now I have two, and neither work effectively.

Hi Sandra. There must be a confusion. They are absolutely not the same magnets. The initial algae scrubber magnet that comes with the Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem is a ceramic magnet that has a pull force up to 0.5 lb. The Power magnet is a NdFeB, Grade N42 Magnet, plated with: Ni-Cu-Ni and coated in Plastic, so it will never rust. The Power Magnet has a Pull Force of 3.45 lbs when placed against a metal plate, (in your case, against the exterior handling magnet) which is very powerful for such a small size magnet. ALL customers who tried this magnet noticed the big power difference between the ceramic one and the Power Magnet. Please don't let the small size of the Power Magnet deceive you. We know that you will notice the difference from the moment you try working with it. PS. Can you please post a picture with the Power Magnet set you received from us? Thank you.

Diane Simpson
Big improvement

I noticed mmediately how much better the bigger magnet
cleans the bubble.
Now the Shrimp can see again.
I'm sure Shrimp are happy too

Rhonda Laws
Glass algae cleaner

Wow what a difference, I can see my little guys and they seem much happier. I highly recommend.