Shrimp Bubble Opae Ula Food

Our Opae Ula shrimp food is a nutritious blend of three organically cultured algae species (spirulina, chlorella, and kelp) that will nourish and energize to your shrimp.

Note: It is recommended to apply a once per month regular minute water change (3-4 oz) when you start feeding your opae ula shrimp. 

Warning: Please beware that some commercially food brands available for ornamental freshwater shrimp species may be lethal to opae ula (Halocaridina rubra), a brackish water shrimp species. We had a few reports from customers that used these kind of foods and lost all their opae ula soon after that. Most freshwater shrimp food brands are wonderful for the kind of species they are designated for -ornamental freshwater shrimp species. However, some commercially available foods may not work for opae ula (Halocaridina rubra), a brackish water shrimp species. 

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Bennett
Accurate Description

Everything was accurate per the description.

Chris Thomas
Opae Ula, go to food

I have 60 Opae in my tank, and also a healthy natural algae system for them to feed. Until I fed them this, I didn’t realize how much they needed more food. A micro amount given as instructed works great.
They get extremely active and go in to a feeding frenzy. The Opae like this, so I do as well!
*Follow supplied instructions, do NOT overfeed*


My family has ordered twice from shrimp bubble. Both times the product was packed with care. Shipping was fast.

Jennifer Blevins

Shrimp Bubble Opae Ula Food

Alex Crutchfield
Alive and well

Shrimp arrived healthy and are thriving in new environment

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