Shrimp Bubble Live Opae Ula, 3 + 1 extra shrimp

Buy 3 opae ula + 1 extra shrimp. Comes with free live algae.

A true, brackish (briny) water shrimp species (Halocaridina rubra), popularly known in Hawaii as Opae Ula (red shrimp). The opae ula is endemic to the Hawaiian islands, comes in various shades of red, white or clear, reaches a maximum length of 0.5 inches and and is typically found in brackish water pools near the ocean shore, referred to as anchialine pools. It can adapt to various water pH and temperatures levels ranging from 60-85F. A hardy, long-lived species that, in some exceptional cases, have been known to live for years in artificially created environments. 

Shipping: Expedite - $9.98

Customer Reviews

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Maria Ross
Love my shrimp

Order received happy and healthy!

Refresh Kit with 3 + ! Shrimp

Communication was good. Had an issue with delayed shipping in the cold and my first kit arrived all dead but this was replaced for me free of charge. I love the little guys. Bring a lot of joy.

Replacement shrimp

The bottle the shrimp came in had spilled all through the package, leaving it approximately 1/4 full. The shrimp were very sluggish. I luckily had a little bit of the extra water left from an order +4 months ago. Surprisingly, after about 3 days they finally perked up and are now fine.

Terry Beaschler
Fun With Shrimp

Of the 3+1 - only 3 survived. The +1 was hung up in the algae. I was wondering if shipping with that much algae might be a problem, but it is a difficult call as it may buffer the shrimp from hitting the sides. The 3 are doing fine. Thanks.

Cindy Van Patten
Such a great company-customer service is tops

I've purchased a few things in the past...5 yrs. The communication, the product is 5 stars always for me.

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