Shrimp Bubble Live Opae Ula, 3 + 1 extra shrimp

Buy 3 opae ula + 1 extra shrimp. Comes with free live algae.

A true, brackish (briny) water shrimp species (Halocaridina rubra), popularly known in Hawaii as Opae Ula (red shrimp). The opae ula is endemic to the Hawaiian islands, comes in various shades of red, white or clear, reaches a maximum length of 0.5 inches and and is typically found in brackish water pools near the ocean shore, referred to as anchialine pools. It can adapt to various water pH and temperatures levels ranging from 60-85F. A hardy, long-lived species that, in some exceptional cases, have been known to live for years in artificially created environments. 

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Wonderful product... wonderful that I purchased two more!

One of my favorite things!

Six years ago I bought an enclosed ecosystem from a competitor. After about a year all of the shrimp died save for one that had babies. My heart broke when all the babies died so I saved the last remaining shrimp in a jar.
It looked lonely so I went to Shrimp Bubble to get her some more friends.
The shrimp from Shrimp Bubble were considerably healthier and larger than the competitor's. Their ecosystems were cute, they had openings so you could interject if needed, and they also offered food, water changes, additional algae to keep your new buddies healthy.
Over the years I've purchased at least 3 more Shrimp Bubbles for friends and family.
For my birthday I upgraded the lone shrimp's jar to a 1-gallon habitat. After one more set of 4 (purchased 4 sets of 4 in total), my tank will be complete...
and my original six year old friend will have somewhere beautiful to "retire" (for the next 14+ ish years).

Fixed a issue right away

I was missing part of my order and they sent it out right away

This group is thriving

I redid the whole setup, flushed the globe 4 or 5 times with distilled water and a strainer to not loose the internal sand and items. They are all 4 doing great.


Arrived in great shape and doing well!

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