Shrimp Bubble Live Opae Ula, 3 + 1 extra shrimp

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Buy 3 opae ula + 1 extra shrimp. Comes with free live algae.

A true, brackish (briny) water shrimp species (Halocaridina rubra), popularly known in Hawaii as Opae Ula (red shrimp). The opae ula is endemic to the Hawaiian islands, comes in various shades of red, white or clear, reaches a maximum length of 0.5 inches and and is typically found in brackish water pools near the ocean shore, referred to as anchialine pools. It can adapt to various water pH and temperatures levels ranging from 60-85F. A hardy, long-lived species that, in some exceptional cases, have been known to live for years in artificially created environments. 

Customer Reviews

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Deb Spangenberg
Shrimp were dead

When I received my shrimp they were all dead 😢

Hi Deb,
We are very sorry to hear that the shrimp didn't arrive well. Please contact us via email so we can help you. Thank you.

Sherry Hammond
They died in a week

The shrimp all died within a week

ct in iowa
Always quality; great customer service

All products arrived and lasted as expected. My favorite aspect of the Shrimp Bubble team is their customer communication. Great written guides for animal care and detailed emails in response to any questions.


Healthy and active

Joyce Noda
Joyce’s shrimp

Love my shrimp ecosystem! Daily fun to watch! Will buy again!