Shrimp Bubble Live Algae, starter portion

Recharge your Shrimp Bubble with this starter portion of live algae that will grow and thrive in brackish water.

We culture two species of brackish water algae in our own hatchery. One species is Chaetomorpha sp. a truly euryhaline algae (able to tolerate a wide range of water salinity) and is found in the wild in specific gravity from 1.002 to 1.069 (almost three times the salinity of the ocean!).There are other species of the genus Chaetomorpha, used in reef aquariums, that do not tolerate lower water salinity, and will eventually disintegrate when placed in brackish water. Do not use those species in your Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem or for any type of brackish water aquarium. 

A second species of algae is a type of brackish hair algae species endemic to the Hawaiian brackish water anchialine pools, the habitat of the opae ula (Halocaridina rubra) shrimp. We acquired this species some time ago from a vendor in Hawaii, and have been cultured this algae in our hatchery ever since. We have yet to scientifically identify this algae species.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

Beautiful peice of starter algae. Love shrimpbubble.

Sorin Rivera

The starter portion arrive in excellent condition. Thank you!

Lauren Shields
Great Service

I didn’t know what to do when the algae in my bubble was gone after a year. Shrimp Bubble customer service answered my questions within hours.

Great service!!

had to purchase some new algae, arrived promptly & in great condition. My shrimpies (& snails) are happy again!! Thanks Shrimp Bubble! I've had this one going for 3 yrs+!!

Randy Coffman
Good amount of algae. Customer service?

Algae was great. But wrote them twice about what I should do with the old algae. No response

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