Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem

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  • Description
    • A UNIQUE PERFECT GIFT - Captivating desktop companion for your home or office, perfect as a dorm pet, great educational tool
    • Complete Kit, Easy Assembly - The Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem comes pre-assembled. You only need to transfer the live marine shrimp from their container into the glass bubble. The kit includes 3 to 4 live opae ula shrimp. Live arrival guaranteed
    • Self-Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem - Minimum maintenance; no daily feeding, no filtration, no frequent water changes
    • Semi-Closed (not sealed) - Removable decorative cork top, allows for ease of access

    Select the Shrimp Bubble with the gravel colour of your choice:
    Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple or Natural.

  • Specifications.
    • Includes:
      • 3 + 1 extra brackish (briny) water Live Shrimp
      • High Clarity Glass Bubble - Size: Small Bubble, 3,5 X 3,5 X 4" tall
      • Crafted Natural Cork Top
      • Colored Natural Gravel - Customer's selection
      • Dry Natural Sea Fan Branch
      • Black Hawaiian Lava Rocks
      • Natural Sea Shells
      • Live Marine Algae - starter quantity
      • Filtered Sea Water - enriched with micro-organisms
      • Magnetic Algae Scrubber
      • Easy Assembly and Care Instructions
      • Kit Condition: New

        CAUTION: The Shrimp Bubble Ecosystem is not a toy. Adult supervision is always required for children handling/interacting with the Shrimp Bubble.
        WARNING: KEEP AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN. Do not put in mouth or nose. This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across       intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.
        WARNING: KEEP AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN. Choking hazard; The ShrimpBubble Kit contains small parts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Lisa Goldberg

I love my shrimp. They all arrived alive and vibrant. I love watching them swim around and eat the algae.

Linda Kummer

I bought this for my daughter. She loves it.

Cute Little Guys

The shrimp, equipment, accessories all came in great shape in a timely manner. Information that came with it was clear, accurate and reassuring. Even more information on the website can be printed out and is extremely helpful. The company offers care options, additional supplies and even live shrimp can be
purchased separately. The shrimp that were received are of different sizes, healthy and are very active. Fun and relaxing to watch.

Brooke Robinette
I love my shrimp!

I love my shrimp! I got pink and they are so cute! Definitely recommend!

Leon Lewandowski
Cool Looking So Far

I bought my wife and EcoSphere in the 90s and it lasted until late 2023. I was going to buy her another, but the company went out of business in 2022. I did my research and found that ShrimpBubble had the best reviews. This little system looks cool. The only things are is I wish it included snails like the original and that it was sealed so there would be no need to open it to replenish evaporated water, but that's only because I'm so used to the last one. The shrimp are alive and kicking and don't seem to be longing for snails. Price was fair. All items shipped safe and sound.