Shrimp Bubble Live Opae Ula, 7 + 1 extra shrimp

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SAVE: Buy 7 opae ula + 1 extra shrimp. Comes with a free live algae.

A true, brackish (briny) water shrimp species (Halocaridina rubra), popularly known in Hawaii as Opae Ula (red shrimp). The opae ula is endemic to the Hawaiian islands, comes in various shades of red, white or clear, reaches a maximum length of 0.5 inches and and is typically found in brackish water pools near the ocean shore, referred to as anchialine pools. It can adapt to various water pH and temperatures levels ranging from 60-85F. A hardy, long-lived species that, in some exceptional cases, have been known to live for years in artificially created environments.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Shahum

They all died within 2 days!!! I couldn’t get a refund or new shrimp either because I didn’t buy the kit. I know I didn’t kill them though because I only used their water and put them in a very clean jar with rocks from the pet store. Waste of money!

Stanley Yee
Arrived alive and together we thrive

Shrimp arrived in a bottle of brackish water with a cotton ball sized piece of algae. The bottle was boxed in an insulated box with cold packs to keep temperature cool and protect against handling.

Emptied the entire contents of the bottle into the tank and now the new shrimp and old shrimp are swimming around happily.

Liam Boyle

2 of my shrimp have died. My water parameters are fine.

tommy hui
Customized order

Very pleased with the product. I gave email feedback that there was a leakage with one part of the order. I made a suggestion on how to remediate but I have no response. This is the second time I’ve tried to communicate with the vendor and not receiving a response...a bit frustrating and annoying.

Steven Martell
Live Shrimp

Received them alive and well. Thanks, Steve